Controlling the Light

Still LifeLighting and Photography

Being able to control the light is very important in photography. We paint with light. Different subjects require different types of lighting to obtain certain moods and to add drama.

But here we focus on still life. This type of subject is easier to master, as you can adjust the items in you shot or leave them in place. Once set up and arranged as you like them, they stay that way. They never droop or get tired. That makes it easier to try things out and compare shots and see what works and what looks better.

rose bouquetphotographic light box

One of the useful tools to have is a photographic light box. There are cheap photo lightboxes for product shots on eBay. But as with cameras – you get what you pay for. A site like the ones shown here Photo Light box will get you on the right track.

As we said at the beginning it’s all about controlling the light, a photo light box has a backdrop, which you can change and can have different colors, black and white being the most popular, to set the mood.

But more important feature for the light box are the top and the sides. These are translucent. This is important because it softens any light source providing a soft even light on the scene and on the subject.

a roseQuality of Light with a Lightbox

The quality of light is important as it can lift your still life image of the page, as it were. The quality of light is especially important for shiny, high gloss objects. Which if not carefully controlled reflect everything in the room back to camera.

Get the Best you can Afford

Don’t be tempted by the small light boxes that you find on eBay either. As being small limits their usefulness. And going for a cheap photo lightbox it will begin to fall apart after just a few uses.

Much better to invest in s high quality product, if your serious about your photography and want to improve all the time.

How to use your light box

light box for taking Jewelry

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