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The Benefits of a Soft Water System Installed in your House

water ripples

water softener system

My sister has had a domestic water softener system installed at her house for sometime now. I’ve not taken a great deal of notice but when it was installed that was the main topic of conversation for sometime afterwards.

As I said, I’ve got more important things to worry about than water. It’s supplied in the house we live in and it’s just there when a need it. Simple and it works.

Last month she had her first baby, a cute little boy and I stayed over for a few weeks to help as she recovered from the birth. It’s really hard and it takes so much out of you, I was just happy to lend a hand. And my boss was great, allowing to take the time I needed, when I needed it.

 water knowledge

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best water softener system

Staying over I got to experience her special water that she’d being gushing over a few months before. And I was impressed, I didn’t think I would be, but I was. The water was just better.

You certainly notice it when you take a bath or shower. You feel much cleaner and my hair was just so much more manageable. Softer, easier to brush it through. It’s so gentle.

It’s good for towels too, she said. They get all hard and rough. She was right too. The towels were soft and fluffy. So nice for the me baby as well.

water softening system

When I got home again, our water felt nasty by comparison. Not nice and welcoming like at my sister’s place. I was determined to put things right so I got one from water softener system And had it installed.

Sure enough, the minute it was installed, it started working. The water turned from corse to soft instantly.

A home water softener system is not that expensive but makes such a difference. I’ve changed all my towels as well because the old ones were matted and a little rough. Hopefully the new ones will stay softer for longer.

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Controlling the Light

Still LifeLighting and Photography

Being able to control the light is very important in photography. We paint with light. Different subjects require different types of lighting to obtain certain moods and to add drama.

But here we focus on still life. This type of subject is easier to master, as you can adjust the items in you shot or leave them in place. Once set up and arranged as you like them, they stay that way. They never droop or get tired. That makes it easier to try things out and compare shots and see what works and what looks better.

rose bouquetphotographic light box

One of the useful tools to have is a photographic light box. There are cheap photo lightboxes for product shots on eBay. But as with cameras – you get what you pay for. A site like the ones shown here Photo Light box will get you on the right track.

As we said at the beginning it’s all about controlling the light, a photo light box has a backdrop, which you can change and can have different colors, black and white being the most popular, to set the mood.

But more important feature for the light box are the top and the sides. These are translucent. This is important because it softens any light source providing a soft even light on the scene and on the subject.

a roseQuality of Light with a Lightbox

The quality of light is important as it can lift your still life image of the page, as it were. The quality of light is especially important for shiny, high gloss objects. Which if not carefully controlled reflect everything in the room back to camera.

Get the Best you can Afford

Don’t be tempted by the small light boxes that you find on eBay either. As being small limits their usefulness. And going for a cheap photo lightbox it will begin to fall apart after just a few uses.

Much better to invest in s high quality product, if your serious about your photography and want to improve all the time.

How to use your light box

light box for taking Jewelry

Thought of the day and Welcome

Full LivingThere’s a lot of Living to be done

There’s a lot of commotion going on in the world today. There’s always trouble of one kind or another, wars everywhere. Some people are just not nice.
Well we’re going to ignore all that bad stuff and negativity. Live, while you’re can. Life is for living having close family and close friends. And just being content in all your day to day dealings.

We’re very much, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. If only everyone could follow that mantra, including us. Sometimes you’ve been cheated or tricked into doing something you didn’t want to do. It makes you angry and you want revenge. It’s a well understood state of mind.

traffic situationHere’s an Example of what I’m talking about

Here’s an everyday example; you’re in your car, you’re trying to turn off into a side street but no one is giving way to you. The next time you see someone in the same predicament, you do the same to them. Now reverse this – someone stops allowing you to cross and drive into the side street and you reciprocate the next time you see someone else in the same predicament.

It’s a case of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. There’s probably a term given to this in psychology text books.

Our New Blog

This is my, or should I say or blog, my partner and I’s new blog. And we’re going to write things that we need to say. Things we need to get off or chest.
Hopefully witty, charming and thought provoking. Gripes about our family, our jobs, our vacations. The good and the bad. Things we buy. Magically anything that’s on our mind. A sort of online diary, if you like. That we share with the world.

This is our first post and there will be many, many more. If more than one of you visit this site, then it’s a blog. If no one visits this site then it’s a personal diary. But whatever it is, well write it anyway.